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Providing the best, toughest, most reliable safety products for all professionals who work at heights and climb for a living. The tower climbing and rescue gear we recommend has been tested in the field by professionals like you and can be relied upon to keep you safe and compliant. Our sales staff is not paid on commission so finding the right gear for your particular type of work is our only goal. Please give us a call at 800-829-9580.
OXAN Steel Carabiner Climbing Connector M72 TLA
Our Price:$25.50
VERTEX VENT Climbing Professional Helmet A10V
Our Price:$115.00
Steel Self-closing Carabiner 2-3/16 in. 2000114
Our Price:$81.00
Anchorage Tie-Off Adapter 6 Ft. 1003006
Our Price:$52.00
Lad-Saf Cable Safety Sleeve 6116540
Our Price:$425.00
GRILLON Adjustable Positioning Lanyard L52A
Our Price:$180.00
Steel Spreader Hook 3/4IN 2108403
Our Price:$67.00
RESCUE Single High-Efficiency Pulley P50A
Sale Price:$51.20
Steel Self-Closing Carabiner 11/16 in. 2000112
Our Price:$44.50
Nano-Lok SRL w Aluminum Rebar Hook Series
Our Price:$149.00
I'D Small Descender/Belay Device D200S0
Our Price:$250.00
DBI-SALA NEX Basic Tower Climbing Gear Kit
Our Price:$1,113.50
100% Tie-Off Alum. 2-1/4 in. Hooks 6 ft. Lanyard 1244409
Our Price:$247.00
6 ft. Adjustable 1in. Web Positioning Lanyard 1231016
Our Price:$75.00
Anchorage Tie-Off Adapter 3Ft. 1003000
Our Price:$45.50
Tower Climbing Harness Removable Seat 1113193
Our Price:$596.00
Lad-Saf Flexible Cable Ladder Safety System
Our Price:$291.00
ALVEO VENT Ventilated Climbing Helmet A20VYA
Our Price:$105.00
Tower Climbing Vest Style Harness 1107778
Our Price:$283.00
Adjustable Rope Positioning 8 ft. Lanyard 1234070
Our Price:$233.00
NAVAHO BOD Work Positioning Harness C71000_B
Our Price:$375.00
PIXA 1 Wide Uniform Beam Headlamp E78AHB
Our Price:$38.95
D-ring Anchorage Plate for Welding or Bolting 2101630
Our Price:$34.50
Wind Energy Global Harness with Hip Pad 1102388
Our Price:$364.00
Ninja Ice Double Layer Liquid Repellent Gloves N9690
Our Price:$5.75
VECTOR 12.5mm Rope R12 Various Size/Colors Available
Sale Price:$144.00
Static Wire Rope Grab for 3/8 in. Steel Cable 5000338
Our Price:$245.00
Lad-Saf Fixed Ladder ExoFit XP Tower Climbing Harness Kit
Our Price:$1,148.00
3ft. Web Shock-Absorbing  1in. Lanyard 1240007
Our Price:$86.00
Chain Rebar Assembly 22 Inch Positioning Lanyard 5920051
Our Price:$159.00
ANNEAU 120 cm Webbing Loop C40 120
Our Price:$10.95
Economy Delta Harness Tower Climbing Gear Kit
Our Price:$377.45
GRIGRI 2 Belay Device Descender D14 2G
Our Price:$99.95
Harness Pouch with Belt Loops 5900892
Our Price:$13.00

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