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DBI-SALA 100 ft. Lifeline Single Steel Snap Hook 5/8 in. 1202844

100 ft. Lifeline Single Snap Hook 5/8 in. 1202844

100 ft. Lifeline Single Snap Hook 5/8 in. 1202844   Send to a Friend
Item No: DBI01-1202844
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Product Description

The right tool for vertical fall arrest and rope grab system, this 100 ft. Lifeline Assembly from DBI-SALA is long enough and strong enough for many at height operations.

Snap Hook for Vertical Lifeline Primary Use:

The 5/8 in. lifeline is designed to work with DBI-SALA Rope Grab systems. Generally part of a vertical fall protection set-up, the 100 ft. DBI-SALA lifeline can work with some horizontal systems too, as long as they are designed for this type of use.

Because lifelines are often used outdoors, the 100 ft. blended rope has been treated to be UV- and abrasion-resistant so it can continue to provide reliable fall protection for years.

Key Features:
  • Strong, polyester/polypropylene blended rope
  • Self-locking steel snap lock is easily opened with gloved hands
  • UV- and abrasion-resistance
  • Fitted with I-safe RFID tag for easy equipment service logging

Why We Recommend It:

This lifeline has a great feel. It doesn't tangle easily, and if it does, the knots are easy to work out. The DBI lifeline has UV protection, which is great since it will most likely spend its life outdoors. It is also abrasion-resistant and won't easily scuff or fray even when you are running it over metal corners and dragging it over concrete.

Maybe most importantly, the DBI-SALA rope grabs are made to work with this rope. Since they are made to go together, that makes them the right tool for the job.

How To Use It:

Snap the self-locking steel snap hook to your secure overhead anchorage point. The trailing edge of the lifeline is most often attached to a counterweight that keeps the line front swinging and snagging. With the lifeline secure, a rope grab can be attached to any point along the line and then tethered to worker's harness with a shock-absorbing lanyard. Fall protection is then in place, and the work can get started.

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Vertical Lifeline Instruction ManualDBI-SALA Vertical Lifeline Manual

Related Terms/Misspellings:

Life-line, safety line, safety rope, rope grab line, 30 feet lifeline, rope grab assemble, lifeline assemble

Product Weight:
10.3 lbs. - Lifeline
5.9 lbs. - Optional Lifeline

Part Numbers:
1202844 - Lifeline
5901583 - Optional Counterweight
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100 ft. Lifeline Single Snap Hook 5/8 in. 1202844100 ft. Lifeline Single Snap Hook 5/8 in. 1202844