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DBI-SALA 50ft Lifeline Assembly 5/8 in Single Steel Snap Hook 1202794

50 ft. Lifeline Single Hook 5/8 in. 1202794

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Product Description

The lifelines from DBI-SALA have extra UV and abrasion resistance. This 50 ft. lifeline is 5/8 in. in diameter and made from a blend of polyester and polypropylene to give the line a good feel on the hands, but also superior strength and toughness.

Primary Use:

Lifelines are generally used with a rope grab system for vertical climbing safety. They are used with a counterweight at one end to keep the line taut so the rope grab attached to the climber's full body harness moves freely.

Key Features:
  • Strong, abrasion-resistant blended rope
  • Steel snap lock is easily opened with gloved hands
  • UV resistant line

Snap Hook for Vertical LifelineWhy We Recommend It:

The rope grabs from DBI-SALA are made to work on this rope. You may find other rope that works as well, but you won't find any that works better. Abrasion and sunlight resistance means this line will continue to perform well over time, and won't disintegrate after a couple of seasons in the sun or rain.

At 5/8 in. diameter, the line is perfect for use with the DBI-SALA Rope Grab, and provides the strength of their vertical fall arrest system. The polyester/polypropylene blend resists kinking and makes it ideal as a lifeline.

How To Use It:

The secure double-locking snap hook makes attachment to a standard anchor point a breeze. Attach the lifeline to the appropriate anchor point and the counterweight to the other end, clip the rope grab to the line and your harness to the rope grab and get to work.

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Vertical Lifeline Instruction ManualDBI-SALA Vertical Lifeline Manual

Related Terms/Misspellings:

Life-line, safety line, safety rope, rope grab line, rope grab assemble, lifeline assemble

Product Weight:
6.1 lbs. - Lifeline
5.9 lbs. - Optional Counterweight

Part Numbers:
1202794 - Lifeline
5901583 - Optional Counterweight
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50 ft. Lifeline Single Hook 5/8 in. 120279450 ft. Lifeline Single Hook 5/8 in. 1202794