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Luminator Hi-Vis Water Proof Drivers Glove 34411
100 ft. Lifeline Assembly 5/8 in. Two Snap Hooks 1202842
100 ft. Lifeline Single Snap Hook 5/8 in. 1202844
100 ft. Rope Grab System Hands Free 5000401
100% Tie Off - Double Leg
100% Tie-Off Alum. 2-1/4 in. Hooks 6 ft. Lanyard 1244409
100% Tie-off Lanyard w 3 in. SafLok Hooks 1244448
100% Twin-Leg Tie-Back 6 ft. SRL 3102001 Series
100% Twin-Leg Tie-Back 7.5FT SRL 3102101 Series
11-Pocket Harness Construction Tool Bag 9504066
15-Pocket Harness Tool Bag 9504072
150 ft. Lifeline Single Hook 5/8 in. 1202879
30 ft. Lifeline 5/8 in. Two Snap Hooks 1202753
30 ft. Lifeline Single Hook 5/8 in. 1202754
3ft. Web Shock-Absorbing 1in. Lanyard 1240007
4 ft. Steel Cable Choker Tie-Off Adapter 5900550
50 ft. Lifeline 5/8 in. Two Snap Hooks 1202790
50 ft. Lifeline Single Hook 5/8 in. 1202794
50 ft. Rope Grab Fall Protection System 5000400
6 ft. Adjustable 1in. Web Positioning Lanyard 1231016
6 ft. Polyester Web Positioning Lanyard 1231106
6 ft. Steel Cable Choker Tie-Off Adapter 5900551
75 ft. Lifeline Assembly 5/8 in. Two Snap Hooks 1202823
About Us
Adjustable Lanyards
Adjustable Rope Positioning 8 ft. Lanyard 1234070
ALVEO VENT Ventilated Climbing Helmet A20VYA
Anchor Plates
Anchor Straps
Anchorage Connectors
Anchorage Connectors
Anchorage Tie-Off Adapter 3Ft. 1003000
Anchorage Tie-Off Adapter 6 Ft. 1003006
ANNEAU 120 cm Webbing Loop C40 120
ANNEAU 60cm Anchor Strap Webbing Loop C40 60
ANNEAU 80cm Anchor Strap Webbing Loop Sling C40 80
Arc Flash Positioning Lanyard, Adjustable 6 ft. 1235001
Arc Flash Safety
ATTACHE Screw-Lock Carabiner Aluminum M38A SL
Basic ExoFit Tower Climbing Gear Harness Kit
Basic Petzl NAVAHO BOD Tower Climbing Gear Kit
Benefits of the Rollgliss R-500 Video
Black Stallion Tool Handz PLUS Work Gloves 99PLUS-BLK
Body Belts
Carabiners / Hooks
Chain Rebar Assembly 22 Inch Positioning Lanyard 5920051
Choker Anchorage Connectors
Climber Favorites
Climbing Hardware
CONNEXION FIXE 100cm Anchor Strap C42 100
CONNEXION FIXE 150cm Anchor Webbing Strap C42 150
CONNEXION FIXE 200cm Sewn Web Anchor Strap C42 200
Construction Style Front/Back/Side 1113160
Construction Style Harness Back & Side D-Ring 1113130
Construction Vest-Style Harness Side D-Rings 1110153
CORDEX Lightweight Rope Access Gloves K52
Cross-Over Font/Back/Side D-Ring Harness 1113115
Cross-Over Harness Front & Back D-Rings 1113097
Cross-Over Harness Front/Back D-Ring 1109803
Cross-Over Harness Front/Side D-Rings 1110353
Customer Service
D-ring Anchorage Plate for Welding or Bolting 2101630
DBI-SALA NEX Basic Tower Climbing Gear Kit
DBI-SALA Sizing Chart
Economy Delta Harness Tower Climbing Gear Kit
ExoFit Wind Energy Vest-Style Harness 1102343
ExoFit XP Arc Flash Construction Harness 1111303
ExoFit XP Arc Flash Full Body Welder's Harness 1110845
Eye Protection
Featured Items
Fisk Descender Device 2103189
Foam Lined Grain Cowhide Drivers Glove 3260
Force2 Arc Flash 100% Tie-Off Adjustable Lanyard 1241081
Force2 Arc Flash 100% Tie-Off Adjustable Lanyard 1241082
Force2 Nomex/Kevlar Arc Flash Adj. Lanyard 1241071
Force2 Nomex/Kevlar Arc Flash Adj. Lanyard 1241072
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Full Body Harnesses
Global Wind Energy 5-Point Climbing Harness 1113213
GRIGRI 2 Belay Device Descender D14 2G
GRILLON Adjustable Positioning Lanyard L52A
GRILLON MGO Adjustable Lanyard L52M 003
Harness Accessories
Harness Pouch with Belt Loops 5900892
How Does the RPD System Satisfy ANSI Standards?
Hydration Pack System for Full Body Harnesses 1150174
I'D Large Descender/Belay Device D200L0
I'D Small Descender/Belay Device D200S0
Klein 10 in. Adjustable Spud Wrench
Klein 5-Piece Ratcheting Box Wrench Set
Klein Black Vinyl Tool and Equipment Bag
Klein Broad-Head Bull Pin Alloy Steel 3256
Klein Bull-Pin and Bolt Bag 5416T
Klein Bull-Pin and Bolt Tool Bag 5416
Klein Canvas Tool Bucket Hard Bottom Swivel Hook
Klein Construction Wrench, Adjustable-Head 3239
Klein Extra Tall Top Closing Bolt Bag 5416TCP
Klein Extra-Large Canvas Belt Utility Bag 5141P
Klein Folding Electricians Sheepfoot Knife 44005
Klein Hard-Bottom Canvas Tool Bucket 5109
Klein Leather-Bottom Bucket with Swivel Snap 5104S
Klein Leather-Bottom Canvas Bucket 5104
Klein Orange Lineman Backpack 5185ORA
Klein Orange Tool Bag with Extra Pocket 5181ORA
Klein Sheepfoot Blade Folding Knife 44006
Klein Tools
Klein Tools Broad-Head Bull Pin 3255
Klein Tools Construction Erection Wrench 1 in. 3214
Klein Tools Erection Wrench 3/4 in. 3212
Klein Top-Closing Heavy-Duty Canvas Lift Bucket
Lad-Saf Cable Safety Sleeve 6116540
Lad-Saf Cable Sleeve Global Compliance 6116507
Lad-Saf Cable Sleeve Without Carabiner
Lad-Saf Fixed Ladder
Lad-Saf Fixed Ladder ExoFit XP Tower Climbing Harness Kit
Lad-Saf Flexible Cable Ladder Safety System
Lad-Saf Ladder Systems
Lad-Saf Powered Assist
Lad-Saf Powered Climb Assist System 6160006
Latchways Personal Rescue Device PRD R20
Nano-Lok SRL
Nano-Lok SRL w Aluminum Carabiner Series
Nano-Lok SRL w Aluminum Rebar Hook Series
Nano-Lok SRL w Flat Steel Rebar Hook Series
Nano-Lok SRL w Steel Swiveling Snap Hook Series
Nano-Lok SRL w/ Aluminum Snap Hook
Nano-Lok SRL w/ Steel Snap Hook on Lifeline Series
NAVAHO BOD Work Positioning Harness C71000_B
NAVAHO SIT Work Positioning Seat Harness C79000_A
Ninja Ice Double Layer Liquid Repellent Gloves N9690
Ninja Ice Fully-Coated Liquid Repellent Glove N9690FC
Nylon Rope Positioning Lanyard 1/2 in. x 6ft. 1232354
OK Triact-Lock Aluminum Symetrical Carabiner M33 TL
OXAN Steel Carabiner Climbing Connector M72 TLA
PAW Hardware Small Rigging Plate Anchor P63 S
PAW Medium Rigging Plate Aluminum Petzl P63 M
PAW Rigging Plate Anchorage Organizer P63 L
Petzl Am'D Carabiner Triact-Lock M34 TL
Petzl AVAO SIT Seat Harness C79AAA
Petzl Helmet and Headlamp Climber Set
Petzl Pro Products
Petzl Tower Climbing Rescue Kit
Petzl VIZIR Face Shield A15A for VERTEX and ALVEO
PIXA 1 Wide Uniform Beam Headlamp E78AHB
PIXA 2 Mixed Beam Work Headlamp E78BHB
PIXA 3 Headlamp Multi-Beam Long Distance E78CHB
Positioning Lanyards
PowerGrab Thermal Insulated Hi-Vis Gloves
Privacy Policy
Pyramex Venture 3 Safety Glasses
Rescue / Descent Systems
Rescue Positioning Device (RPD) 3:1 Ratio 3600000
Rescue Positioning Device (RPD) 4:1 Ratio 3602000
RESCUE Single High-Efficiency Pulley P50A
Rescue Systems
Rigging Equipment
Road Hustler Premium Grain Leather Drivers Glove 3200
Rollgliss R250 Rescue 33FT, 66FT, or 99FT Kits 8900292
Rollgliss R500 Rescue / Escape Device 3321100
Rope Access Equipment
Rope Bucket Yellow R41 Y
Rope Grab 5/8 in. Mobile Fall Arrest Device 5000335
Rope Grabs
Rope Positioning Lanyards
RPD System in Work Positioning and Rescue Video
Saflok Self-Locking Steel Carabiner 2 in. Gate 2000300
Scaffold Choker Anchor with D-ring 17IN 1201390
Self Retracting Lifelines
Shipping Information
Shock Absorbing Lanyards
Shock Absorbing Lanyards
ShockWave 2 Arc Flash 100% Tie-Off Lanyard 1244632
ShockWave 2 Arc Flash 100% Tie-Off Lanyard 1244630
ShockWave 2 Arc Flash Lanyard w Web Loop 1244611
ShockWave 2 Nomex / Kevlar Arc Flash Lanyard 1244610
ShokBlok Anti-Vibration Gloves 98SB
Single Leg 2-1/2 in. Steel Hook 6 ft. Lanyard 1244321
Single Leg 2-1/4 in. Aluminum Hook 6 ft. Lanyard 1244311
Site Map
Split Back Cow Grain Drivers Glove 3205
Static 1/2IN Kernmantle Rope (Custom Lengths Available)
Static Wire Rope Grab for 3/8 in. Steel Cable 5000338
Steel Self-Closing Carabiner 1-3/16 in. 2000113
Steel Self-Closing Carabiner 11/16 in. 2000112
Steel Self-closing Carabiner 2-3/16 in. 2000114
Steel Spreader Hook 3/4IN 2108403
Suspension Trauma Straps 9501403
SWIVEL Large Climbing Gear Connecter P58 L
SWIVEL Small Rope Access Gear Connecter P58 S
Talon 8 ft. Harness-Mounted SRL 3101000
Tension Limiter 3/16IN Stainless Steel Rope 3601500
Tie Back Lanyards
Tie-Off Anchorage Connectors
Tongue Buckle Body Belts - Multiple Options Available
Tool Lanyard 42in. Snap and Choker Loop End 1150914
Tower Climbing & Fall ProtectionTraining Resources
Tower Climbing Best Sellers
Tower Climbing Equipment Quotes
Tower Climbing Frequently Asked Questions
Tower Climbing Harness Removable Seat 1113193
Tower Climbing Kits
Tower Climbing Vest Style Harness 1107778
Tower Climbing Vest Style Harness 1108657
Tower Climbing Vest-Style Harness 1110303
TWIN Double Prusik Pulley P65A
Twin Turbo T-Bak D-Ring Connector MFLTB-1/7.5FT
V2G Clear Work Safety Goggles Pyramex GB1810ST
V2G Indoor/Outdoor Safety Goggles GB1880ST
V2G Work Safety Goggles Gray Tinted Lens GB1820ST
V2G-XP Anti-Fog Safety Goggles GB6410SDT
VECTOR 11mm Rope R11 Various Size/Colors Available
VECTOR 12.5mm Rope R12 Various Size/Colors Available
VERTEX BEST Climbing Work Helmet A10B_C
VERTEX VENT Climbing Professional Helmet A10V
Vertical Safety Systems
VULCAN Steel Self-Locking Carabiner M73 TLA
Web Lanyards
Web Rebar Assembly 18 in. 1231380
Webbing Loops
Webstrap Choker Anchor Sling 6FT AJ47410
Why You Can't Use Positioning Lanyards for Fall Arrest
WILLIAM Triact-Lock Carabiner M36 TL
Wind Energy Construction Harness 1113218
Wind Energy Global Harness with Hip Pad 1102388
Wind Energy Safety
WrapBax 2 Tie-Back Force2 100% Lanyard 1242102
WrapBax 2 Tie-Back Force2 100% Lanyard 1242128
WrapBax2 EZ Stop Tie Back Lanyard 1241906

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